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Keep a lookout for Volume Three. I'm constantly updating this.

I stayed in a hotel room for the past few nights to wind down. I didn't sleep well, not just because I'd be facing justice for slaughtering those pricks, or the noisy chump who was at it with the hookers every minute, but because I had that "gut feeling" indicating that I've overlooked something. It proved true, as always, when I returned home. First thing I noticed when I set foot into my dusty old home was the sunlight shining through the old cracked window as it caressed the forgotten N64 game I left on the table a few days back.
I figured the late elderly hacker swapped the pcb module with one that had rewritten ROM before I ended his life, and that it might contain vital clues for what they might have been planning next. If I knew what they were planning next, I might know who slung Old Ben's guts into the kiddie pool, as this was the unsolved mystery.
Absent of fear, I inserted the cartridge and turned on the Nintendo 64. Instead of the usual spinning model of Majora's Mask on the screen, The elegy of emptiness statue was in it's place. "What a fuckin' lame hack! Even a twelve year old could do that!" I ignorantly thought. Then it went directly to the file menu. My gamesave was still on the cart, but in addition, there was a new file that said "Is Fucked". It's impossible that he hacked spliced saves in the EEPROM, and just as impossible to hack a new save to the owl in that short amount of time.
But I get the message, "Eric is fucked". Yeah, sure, it's not very clever when I've already heard about "Ben drowned" old man. I was going to choose "is fucked", but I noticed something before that. My Television indicated that the N64 was pumping graphics @ 480p. That's impossible! Even with the S-video cable I have, it's still only capable of 240i. I just ignored it, my TV was probably being a dumbass. Who uses a Sony ED TV to play Nintendo games, anyway?
So I can't believe what happens next, it's events like those that make me think I'm just a nutcase in the crazy house who's fabricated an alternate existence that only resides in my mind. Are you fools real? Or am I just wasting time in my fantasy land typing crap? Real or not, the pain in this wound I just acquired couldn't be imagined by even the most twisted minds.  What happened next was the game loaded at the part from Ocarina of Time when Darunia congratulates Link for retrieving Dodongo's cavern.
Knowing this is a very possible hack as Majora's Mask is built on the same engine, textures and models of OoT, I didn't have too much interest in it. Darunia said, "You don't know why, but you've had a reservation. Then he became the Goron version of the elegy of emptiness statue and roughly patted Link's head causing him to fall out of the screens view. When Link regained his footing, he was in the form of the elegy of emptiness statue.
Then Elegy Darunia announced, "Let's give our brother BEN a big, welcoming hug!". Then a group of four empty gorons approached BEN and and smothered him until the screen faded black. Then I heard the Maskman's laughter as a message on the screen read, "You shouldn't have killed them." I couldn't help but gape at the message as I was frozen in shock. Did the game actually have a conscience mind that was actually communicating with me, or did those pricks know I was going to kill them?

After getting over the shock a little bit, I reached for my cellphone so I could take a picture for you guys to see, but then I heard my door shut.
I was too slow to look, and got my leg slashed. Struggling in pain trying to focus my eyes, I grabbed my 50 cal that I now call "Benslayer", but the bayonet was missing, I then located the enemy. It was the Dad n' me plush and It was charging at me with the missing bayonet. It was no time to think, so I kicked that little fucker overhead, took aim and fired. Blood briefly showered the room as the stiffed out doll slammed to the floor ending his life just as quickly as it begun. There was blood gushing its way from the newfound wounds the size of half dollars. Sorry #49. There's only 99 like you remaning in this world.
I seemingly lucked out with the damage that fucker managed, It was only about 4 inches long and wasn't too deep. It didn't seem to be in a vital location niether. This was nothing that stitches and iodine didn't fix up. Still, gotta keep my eyes on it, I feel as if I'm going to be doing allot with this leg in the coming days. By the way, it seems that coming at me with my own weapons has gotten popular lately, and whoever has dared to follow the trend ends up without a face.

I have stuff to do. Like cleaning reloading that gun, which takes awhile.

Edit: Some weird shit occurred just after I posted this. It's not the strangest thing that's happened to me after all the shit I've been through this week, but still pretty damn weird. I have no idea how this happened.
Right after I posted this, I have received a text message from Josh. That's not an odd thing alone, but the creepy part was that it was a picture message that went through. My phone has never worked well with sms'ing even though it's in my plan. Now here's the thing that was creepy; The message was disturbing, it said "I seen you do that!" and had a very disturbing picture attached to it!
It was a picture of the instant right before I killed the doll. That split second before I pulled the trigger. How the fuck did anybody get that?! I must admit though, the shot does look goofy. What's gonna get me next? My note from Wade Fulp? My Newgrounds Calander?
The second installment to the terrible events that have befallen upon me.

I could've swore I ended this, but it seems everything is coming at me more than before.

Keep your eye out for Volume 3, I should be able to make it through what's to come.
MagixMoonwalker Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2011  Student Digital Artist
I died laughing. :U
GETERKIKZKID Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2011
You better have died. It's not good to laugh at my suffering. BTW, did you read Volume 1?
MagixMoonwalker Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Yeah. xD

This is entertaining AND Interesting.

GETERKIKZKID Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2011
It's time to die... again.
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